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Testing the books of the
1611 King James Version Apocrypha.
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Vol. 1
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Vol. 2
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Are the books of the Apocrypha inspired scripture? Bible canon? This 2-Volume Series will apply a comprehensive Torah Test proving out historicity, quotations in the New Testament, authorship, etc. It is time to settle this fallacious category of "hidden" books created by the Catholic Jerome to determine validity or not, on a credible basis.

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About 382 A.D., in the days of Jerome known for the Latin Vulgate, a new term began to be used in Bible scholarship [Charles, 81]. Certain texts of historical value and even Canon were now defined as something other than inspired scripture. The very concept is a clear redefining of books already in existence and in most cases, texts recorded as inspired scripture and Bible Canon now somehow in question by those without any such authority. This paradigm remains today even further rooted as if it ever represented the historical approach to these Old Testament texts. However, the Qumran exiled Temple Priests who were ordained by Moses were the only keepers of Old Testament Bible Canon to the First Century period. How is it that scholars have moved to replace and overrule those Moses and Jacob set in authority to determine Bible Canon for what we call the Old Testament? This Canon was already chosen before there were Pharisees in Jerusalem and before there was ever a Catholic Church. Those factions do not get to legitimately form counsels to vote on that which is already settled fact even in archaeology.
In 1947 and forward, this treachery became evident in modern Bible scholarship and these same are guilty of duplicity in duping the world in an attempt to cloak the ancient crime against the Bible that these two cabals perpetrated. They tell us Essenes lived in Qumran without a shred of such evidence yet Pliny placed them in Ein Gedi, 25 miles South, archaeology of “The Essene Find” certainly affirms this and there is not a single mention of Essenes in the massive cache of local writings found in this community. They identify as the exiled Temple Priests, sons of Zadok, Levites, sons of Aaron, etc. No wonder Messiah chose to launch His ministry there in Bethabara/Qumran, and not the defiled Jerusalem Temple. It is time to restore this historic narrative and the texts discovered in that time capsule of the only credible, divinely ordained Bible Canon to the First Century. There is no other.
This Apocrypha Test from the 1611 Authorized King James compilation of such books will prove just which ones should be defined as inspired Bible Canon and which should not. The grouping is an inconsistent mixture of the precious and the poor. Prove all things; hold fast that which is good (1 Thess. 5:21).
This is Vol. 1 of a two-part Series in which we test and fully publish the Wisdom of Sirach, Book of Baruch, Letter of Jeremiah and Prayer of Manasseh with further Qumran evidence for 1st and 2nd Esdras, also restoring the name of YHWH. On a broader scale, this effort in our continued journey in our Levite Bible Series where we intend to test most of the Dead Sea Scrolls proving out their historicity and content to determine which should and should not be treated as inspired Canon. We provide a very thorough Torah Test of each of these books and already published 2nd Esdras: The Hidden Book of Prophecy with full test there in which we have added research in the Introduction of Vol. 1. In Vol. 2 now available worldwide, we prove the Book of Tobit, Wisdom of Solomon, Bel & The Dragon, Prayer of Azaryah, and the Book of Susanna with comprehensive Torah Tests including a detailed exposé on the Books of Esther, 1st and 2nd Maccabees, and Judith. We offer further research as to the plausibility of the books that vet as inspired at the end of some of those books as well.

This publication of the Original 1611 King James Version with Revised English for these books is permissible by Library Of Congress Control Number: 1-12667136591 and 1-13088000561 and ISBN Numbers 979-8-398-42162-0 and 979-8-398-42507-9 with our research, commentary, margin notes, etc. added.

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